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City of Emily Maintenance Department

The City's maintenance department's duties include but are not limited to:

  • Repairs and maintains the city’s streets, rights-of-way, parking lots, sidewalks, and equipment.

    • Operate equipment such as grader, dump trucks, street sweepers, and other miscellaneous equipment as assigned.

    • Operates small engine equipment and light and heavy equipment in the maintenance of City streets, parks, sewer, and cemetery.

  • Maintains, operates, and repairs public works buildings, facilities, and equipment, including vehicle maintenance and repair.

  • Maintains City parks, including equipment and landscaping.

  • Maintains area around sewer ponds.

  • Maintains cemetery grounds and records.

    • Ability to locate, dig, and close gravesites, including on weekends, and mark gravesites for monuments


Maintenance Supervisor



Calen Spindler_edited_edited_edited_edit

Calen Spindler
Phone: (218) 838-3632

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